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Founding Austin with Shannon Sedwick

How Shannon Sedwick Built a Comedy Conglomerate by Keeping Austin Weird

Check out this article by Shelley Seale on Founding Austin!  

"I was the first person people talked to, and the last person to shake their hands as they left, with a personal touch,” she says. “The first few years were exhilarating, even if we were living in the dressing room for most of it and keeping our costs to a minimum. We concentrated on just making sure our show was good and listened to our audiences as to what worked. "

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Marge Sussman Bailey
Marge Sussman Bailey
Jun 18, 2021

We so enjoyed the show last night-opening night. We’ve been attending shows since the mid 90s. Esther‘s is truly Austin and we couldn’t have been happier to see the gang (with some new, fresh faces) back together on the stage.

BRAVO, Shannon, Ray and Co!!!

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