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A Strong Bong For Magician's Assistant Ellana Kelter

A Fond Farewell

Over the past decade, Ellana Kelter has brought a light to Esther's both on stage and off.  Her impact here is a deep and lasting one that has shaped our company and our audiences in ways that will be felt for years to come.  We see a bright future ahead for her and consider it a gift that we were a part of her story!  Take a look below for a brief glimpse of Ellana's impact on Esther's Follies.  And so you don't miss her last performances we are offering a BOGO to our Friday 10pm performance on June 21.

The Talent

As a cast member she has been a shining light in our show.  She is a fearless performer with a voice that is unmatched and comedic timing that sells every scene. A true professional who brings all of herself into every character and every performance.  

The Magic

As our Magician's Assistant her charm and grace has been a staple of the show.  The chemistry between her and our own Ray Anderson is something palpable that leaves audiences in awe.  She has been a prolific part of bringing the magic of Esther's to life.

The Dedication

Always willing to go a step beyond what is expected of her, she cultivates a community with her drive.  As a founding member of our School of Comedy-Summer Camp she's shared her gifts with hundreds of budding performers.  She was an integral part of taking our sketch of "Betomaniac!" and turning it into a viral sensation, recognized by Beto himself.  As well as forming the group Buster Park with her fellow cast mates.

We love you Ellana!  

Thank you for the time we've spent together and the talent you've shared!


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