Memorial Service - Steve Saugey

Sunday January 9, 2022 2 PM - 5 PM
@ Esther's Follies

We'd love for you to join us as we remember an integral part of our Austin community as well as a core member of our Follies' family, Steve Saugey.

When classical music gets too stiff and stuffy for its own good, someone has to knock the powdered wig brigade off its pedestal, and for over 35 years, Steve Saugey proudly took on that duty in Austin. He was a founding member of Esther's Follies from 1977 to 1996, and he mocked the masters with a satirical scalpel as sophisticated and cutting as Tom Lehrer's or Peter Schickele's.

Steve Saugey was a classically trained musician, slicing his way through the classical canon, typically weaving sitcom tunes, pop hits, and commercial jingles through their majestic passages. Steve played accompanist to the fractured operatics of William Dente's Dame Della Diva, made Beethoven roll over with his "Ode to Joy (Detergent)", and crammed every pop song ripped off from a Bach melody into his "Brackenridge Concerto."

With his frequent partner in musical mischief, Lyova Rosanoff - also a Folliesalum and an Austin Arts Hall of Fame inductee in 2003 - Saugey worked his parodic genius in independent projects such as the Austin Flops Orchestra, Beethoven's Birthday, and Forbidden Classics. Lyova and Steve masterfully and riotously transmuted the lyrics for

Strauss' Die Fledermaus into a current-day Austin-centric version, The Bat, for Austin Lyric Opera. He was capable of being serious, as evidenced by his work as musical director for Arts on Real and Penfield Theater Company, and as rehearsal accompanist for Austin Musical Theater and Ballet Austin. But Steve Saugey was always best at his worst - mockingly making fun.