About Us

Esther's Follies was born in an old ex-conjunto bar, entered by walking down a dark alley and through a fanciful courtyard, into a theater designed to look like a cross between a baseball diamond and a pool hall. The stage was placed in the windows overlooking Sixth Street, where curious passerby's became part of the show. The name "Esther's Follies" came as a salute to the charismatic swimming star of the 40's, Esther Williams, whose swim-suited body is seen diving into the street above the entrance to the theater. Esther's Follies has endured through four locations on Sixth Street including the Ritz Theater, a fire that gutted the theater and its grand piano, the birth of a baby brother comedy club named the Velveeta Room, and thousands of comedy alumni gracing its small stage. In 1990, Esther's Follies found a forever home at the corner of Sixth and Red River, where the Triple J Tavern had once been a famous watering hole and the Cactus Theater showed cowboy movies and porn films from the 30's to the 50's. As always, the stage is set in the windows, and the actions includes the outside as well as the inside of the theater. Contemporary vaudeville has always been at the roots of Esther's Follies, but magic became a mainstay when Ray Anderson brought his big illusions to the Follies stage and managed to do magic that wowed audiences in the theater and out on the street.

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