1) Tell us a little about yourself:
I’m originally from Lake Jackson, TX. Small town living, I always wanted to perform. I started writing, directing, and starring in comedic sketches when I was ten. I graduated with a B.F.A. in Theater Production & Performance from Texas State University. I’ve been working in theater, film, television, voice over, radio, and music ever since.


2)So, Ms. Holmes is what have you been doing since you were last in that cast and What have you learned that makes you better as a performer?
I left Esther’s to be the lead singer in a 70’s funk/ hip hop cover band called “The Boogies.” For two years I sang in nightclubs, casinos, private parties, and sporting events. In addition, I’ve been working as an MC for Alamo Draft House events and the burlesque troupe, The Southern Sirens. And of course I’m still a teaching artist for Creative Action and their bully prevention program. I’ve learned so much since I left, but it’s pretty nerdy actor stuff. One thing I did learn was how to understand and relate to your audience. It’s so important that you connect so you can take them along for the ride. And how important truth is in comedy. “It’s funny because it’s true” is true because it’s true.

3)What did you miss the most about performing at Esther’s Follies?
All I’ve ever wanted to do was make people laugh. I missed being in a show that’s all about being funny. And working with incredibly talented people who keep me smiling and laughing all of the time.

4)What kind of comic characters or impersonations do you prefer playing?
Impressions? I enjoy playing Michelle Obama, Oprah, Nicki Minaj, and and I like to play people who are larger than life. Big personalities. Big gestures. And they have no idea that they are too much to handle. You know when a huge dog jumps on you like it’s a little puppy and knocks you down, but you love it anyway? Those are the kind of characters that I like play.

5)What is your favorite Esther’s sketch/song/Illusion you enjoying performing or watching? My favorite sketch that I was ever in was the Halloween sketch where everyone dressed up as Michael Jackson right after he died. I got to play the straight character in one version and little Michael in the other. Loved that sketch! The baby on a bungee cord dangling from the balcony was genius. My favorite illusion is “eclipse” or maybe “lamp”.

6)Do you have any side projects going on outside of Esther’s Follies? I do! Currently writing sketches for my own performance based You Tube channel, writing a book on my failed dating adventures, and still performing with several bands around town.

7)You always seem to have a smile on your face and a positive outlook. What’s your secret? Ha. I actually get asked this a lot. I don’t know man. I learned at a very young just how short life is. I’m a sensitive soul, so I place a lot of value in the beautiful things and people around me. And that makes me happy long time!

8)Do you have any hobbies? I like to write little custom poems for people. I collect owl figurines and postcards. I also love baking. I was a cake decorator for years.

9)What’s your movie or TV guilty pleasure: I’ll be real. I love crappy sequels. Grease 2 is my jam. No one ever backs me up on that, but I’m not afraid to stand alone. And honestly? Probably Stand Up Comedy. I listen to comedy/ watch stand-up comedy specials everyday. I’m constantly studying sense of humor.

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