Summer Splash

As the heat rises the cast of Esther’s sizzles with all new sketches and musical numbers!

In our new world of plastic, ozone free zones, and smaller arctic circles discover the “cool” new looks for climate control in The Green New Deal Fashion Show! And the heat is on as Facebook addicts rise up to fight Siri.  

On the campaign trail your favorite Democratic Presidential candidates dive in to Esther’s with the Summer Splash Satire; Bernie’s got a torrid love song, Elizabeth Warren & Nancy Pelosi square off against the patriarchy, and Joe Biden’s getting handsy.  

All the while Trump is still crowing “NO OBSTRUCTION” through the Mueller Report madness in the Follies’ big musical number a White House Bohemian Rhapsody.  And as always Ray Anderson cools things off with his award-winning illusions that have been dazzling audiences for decades!

This Summer is sure to be HOT but don’t sweat we’ve got you covered! Come take a dip in the Esther’s pool to escape the Texas heat… or better yet experience it!  

NO Shows during ROT Rally weekend

June 13-15

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