South By Southpocylpse and all your March Comedy!

Esther’s Follies’ comedy marches on! Unlike a Trump military parade, a trip to the Follies show is a bombastic spectacle that everyone can enjoy and is definitely well-earned. Come see our Big Little White House Lies continuing saga as Donald finds himself at the mercy of the Trump Ex-Wives Club and a disgruntled and domineering Sarah Huckabee Sanders, played by hilarious new cast member Kim Stacy bringing all the laughs in the new Trumpstacular musical!


The House and Senate may be at war, but Esther’s takes a look at how to meet your mate across the party lines in “A Bi-Partisan Love Side Story,” because when the left and right go far enough you can always meet in the middle…of somewhere! Or come for some romantic advice from our favorite pop culture odd-couple, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg, creating crafty gifts and foods to delight the new spring fling fo shizzle in your life.


South by Southpocylpse readies you for the hipster influx soon to dominate Austin, do you have the supplies you’ll need; flashlight, extra water, parking spots and an Airbnb Bunker? And the always shining Ray Anderson, Esther’s resident heartthrob and magician, gets sultry in his newest illusion Tango and turns up the heat with Torched!

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