Six Questions for Cast Member Rachel Sedwick

When was your first Esther’s Follies show? What do remember about it?

My first show was the third weekend in January, about two days after I moved to Austin.
Mostly I remember not having any panty hose and that being a pretty big deal.

What do you do for the group? Your favorite character(s)?

While I’ve been at Esther’s I’ve played characters such as Lady Gaga, and one of the lovely ladies in the classic “Director’s Cut”, both of which I very much enjoy. Most of the time I play whatever young, silly girl that gets written into a sketch or number.


What actor or actress inspired you growing up?

Though not a part of my generation, I grew up loving actors like Fred Astaire, Doris Day, Gene Kelly, Rock Hudson, Bette Davis, and Elizabeth Taylor. They all inspired me with their incredible talent and beauty. These are the people that made me want to grow up to sing and dance in the theatre.


Favorite Esther’s moment onstage or off

My favorite moments on stage often tend to be the unplanned ones. We had a newly written sketch a while back in which I was playing one of three children, and our father was giving us a stern talking to about the importance of survival. As the kids stood in a line listening to this speech, the actor playing our father completely forgot his lines, and just kept pacing the stage in character, much like a military drill sergeant. Finally the actor says under his breath to my “brother”, “I’m blankin’ man!!!” We all had to fight to not completely lose it; I just love those moments when everyone on stage is in the same place, and were all sinking together, but still having a roaring good time.


How has living in Austin shaped you? Unlike the rest of the cast I’ve only lived in Austin about 10 months. It’s been great finding out the fun little spots around the city that have become my favorite places to eat, drink, and play. its made me healthier and happier, and definitely made me want to do more with my free time. I could still afford to explore more of Austin though, there’s a lot I haven’t seen.

Where do you go when you aren’t working? I go to the gym, run outside, see movies, take local dance and improv classes, and I recently found Austin rock gym, which I’ve started to enjoy.

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