Happy Everyday of July!

We're hot and happy here at the Follies. Come join us and keep your comedy cool. Take a look at some of our new material for the shows:

President Trump sings and dances his way through “Call Me Baby,” his late night serenade to leaders around the world, with appearances by Angela Merkel, Justin Trudeau, Kim Jung Un and Valdimir Putin. All while cracking jokes with his sidekick Sarah “Senior Smoky Eye Advisor” Huckabee Sanders and KellyAnne “Keepin’ At It” Conway.

Now that all the vanilla sheet cakes have been devoured post graduation ceremonies across the nation, Esther’s takes a look at the job market for generation x in “College Aftermath.” This sweet love story strikes a chord with anyone who has had to move back home with the parents and take that barista job after completing a masters degree.

In the wake of Paul Ryan’s retirement retirement announcement, Esther’s presents a “Congressional Work Out” to keep politicians in shape while running from Capitol Hill. It’s a pretty sweaty session with all that kick boxing seniors off social security and medicare.

Ray Anderson, recent recipient of a prestigious Performing Fellowship Award with The Academy of Magical Arts, debuts his newest large scale illusion straight from Vegas, “Ghost Story” will spark (and spook!) while telling the history of the Driskill Hotel and its haunted mirror. Once again Ray mystifies our audiences and brings the magic to the Follies. A trick not to be missed!

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