Esther’s Political Satire- A Trip Back to 2006

If you lived in Texas ten years ago in 2006, you will enjoy this political trip down memory lane.  Join us as we revisit a familiar past political rivalry. Sure, it seems like nothing can match the epic hatred between our present presidential rivals Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Yet ten years ago in Texas there was a heated Gubernatorial election underway. A wild and wacky cast of characters filled the stage on 6th Street in Austin, complete with a talking two story Capitol puppet!

A Rare Four-Way Race

The 2006 Gubernatorial election was a rare four-way race, with incumbent Republican Governor Rick Perry running for reelection against Democrat Chris Bell and Independents Carole Keeton Strayhorn and Kinky Friedman. In the end, Perry was reelected to a second full term in office in 2007, winning 39% of the vote.

(Side note: After observing Perry’s performance in later Presidential debates, Americans were surprised to realize that George Bush was actually the smart Texas governor).

Political Hair is Comedy Gold

In 2006, Esther’s produced a giant musical number that satirized both Republicans and Democrats during the heated Gubernatorial election. To honor Texas hair, cast members wore plastic molded wigs over a foot high.  I can attest how difficult it was to dance in these crazy headpieces!

Cast members played Rick Perry, Carole Keaton Strayhorn, Kinky Freidman and Kay Bailey Hutchison, duking it out for the win. With guest appearances from Willie Nelson and Tom Delay, Esther’s left nothing on the table, except for Willie’s bong.

Political Satire 10 years later

If you pop by Esther’s today, you’ll see Rick Perry’s hilarious proposal for dividing the state into five different states, masterfully played by long-time cast member Shawn Branigan.

And of course, Esther’s jumps into the Clinton/ Trump battle with a mock debate, played with terrifying/ uncanny accuracy by Shannon Sedwick and Ted Meredith.

If you prefer your candidates with side buns and lightsabers, Esther’s turns the Presidential race into a Star Wards parody, complete with an appearance from Obama Wan Kenobi.

The Presidential Race, Esther’s Style

Considering Trump and Clinton’s advanced age, 70 and 68, respectively, it will be the first time both parties’ nominees are over 65 years old. In millennial years, 70 is like, super old. I’m talking pay-phone old. Perhaps future sketches staring Clinton and Trump will include action-packed sequences, such as a:

  • blood pressure competition
  • “let’s see who takes more pills” contest
  • rousing mall speed-walking race


As a result of the candidates senior citizen status, comedians around the world are having a blast making fun of their advanced age. Experts are claiming that age is indeed a factor in determining if candidates are healthy enough for the strenuous position as President.

As we approach a new political rivalry, trust Esther’s to delight audiences with a sophisticated and smart analysis of both Texas and national politics.

Join us for a hearty dose of satire, comedy and an ongoing analysis on the genetic makeup of Trumps “hair”.  To grab tickets to this week’s show before it’s sold out, click here.


About the Author:

Laura Mathis is a past Esther’s Follies performer who graced the stage from 2003- 2006 with her Canadian charms and willingness to wear any type of costume to get a laugh. Laura enjoyed levitating with Ray Anderson, belting out tunes with Shannon Sedwick, and having a bull whip snapped in her face by Rob Williams (not so enjoyable but she lived to tell the tale).  Laura has studied and performed at the famed Second City in Chicago and lives in Austin with her husband and 4 -year-old twins. You can follow her on Twitter @thelauramathis

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