5 Austin Staycation Experiences-Starting at 7 Dollars!

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Most people either don’t use their vacation time, use it for boring things like recovering from an illness, or just can’t seem to find time to leave town. If you want to stay in town for your next vacation and experience some fun hidden gems of Austin, this blog is for you. Whether you have 4 hours or 4 days, take some time to become a tourist in your own city.

Here are some fun experiences you might have missed while adulting/ paying bills/ unloading the dishwasher/fighting cedar fever/ binge-watching Netflix:

1.Secret Bars. The first time I entered a secret bar in Austin, I felt like a kid again. (Hmmm…If kids could drink. Which would make them even louder.) I’ll try again:  I felt like a rock star. (That’s better). If you don’t happen to have a cool friend who knows the locations of all the secret bars downtown, you’ll need a hookup. Reserve a Secret Bar Experience Tour and combine history with tasty cocktails. Bonus: it’s a walking tour so once it’s over you can stumble right into a taco joint to soak it all up.

2.Red River. Veer off 6th Street and head to Red River. You’ll find less crowds and a wide variety of fun options, from food trucks to dance clubs to patios with a view of the creek. Bonus: Red River Street was recently dubbed an official cultural district, so impress your friends with this easy detour off 6th St.

3.Esther’s Follies. Whether you haven’t been to Esther’s in years, or have friends and family that have never seen the show, we ARE a must-see Austin Staycation experience. It’s Austin’s answer to SNL– sharp fast-paced comedy with topical sketches, political humor, and Vegas-style magic. From cheap drinks on our moonlit patio to side-splitting humor, Esther’s takes away all your stress. Bonus: With wall-to-wall windows that face the heart of 6th St, you’ll enjoy the street antics from your cozy theater seat! PS- Swing by The Velveeta Room next door for free Stand Up Comedy with your Esther’s ticket stub.

4.Food Truck Crawl. There are so many food trucks in Austin. It’s almost overwhelming how many options there are. And with temperate weather year-round, you can enjoy a cold beer and lobster roll on a picnic table even in the Winter. But where to start? Contact Access ATX for a Food Truck Crawl tour. Its maximum fun and minimum traffic woes. They’ll take you to their favorite stops and order you their specialties while you sip your favorite drink. Bonus: It’s BYOB so it’s basically SAVING money!

5.Happy Hour at The Driskill. Tuck in your shirt and slide into The Driskill Bar for a sexy happy hour drink. Built in 1886 as the showcase of a cattle baron, The Driskill remains a landmark of legendary Texas hospitality. You don’t have to be a hotel guest to have a drink at the bar; (although staying at the Driskill will take your Staycation from blah to breathtaking) so don’t be shy. It’s one of the most stunning buildings in Austin. Bonus: It’s been rated “Best Restroom” by Austin Chronicle readers over 5 times. Not many places in downtown Austin can even come close to saying that. No need to hover or open doors with elbows!


From food trucks to marble floors, Austin has many unique Staycation experiences. Grab your loved one and schedule a Staycation today. All you need is comfortable shoes, a sense of humor, and an empty stomach. Ready to kick start your Staycation? Get your Esther’s Follies tickets HERE.


About the Author:

Laura Mathis is a past Esther’s Follies performer who graced the stage from 2003- 2006 with her Canadian charms and willingness to wear any type of costume to get a laugh. Follow Laura on Twitter @thelauramathis