The Show

Esther’s Follies: Your go-to for topical political satire—magic and music on Sixth Street!

The Follies is gearing up for a fabulously, funny fall. With all the made-for-comedy moments coming out of the political race, there’s no end to good material! Leading the political pack is Donald Trump in GOP Superstar throwing out outrageous comments with an ever-popular Trump piñata thrown into the mix. 
The Supreme Ladies of the Supreme Court get schooled by the Notorious
RBG, Ruth Bader Ginsberg. September means Back to School, with Texas text 
books confounding the student population. Forget about global warming;
let’s learn about when Jesus roamed with the dinosaurs.
Ray Anderson introduces a breathtaking, mystical illusion, "Torched", levitating 
his assistant with a backdrop of flaming torches.