The Show

Esther‘s Follies, the local authority on sketch comedy, magic and musical revue, gives you your political update, chock full of laughs as Esther’s Follies presents: “Octoberfest of Funny!” Rick Perry serenades his sorrows in “I’m So Indicted” while the Texas National Guard has you check your immigration status while traveling across the border; and tells you exactly how to get your Texas State ID.” Are you sick of opposing campaign ads on television? We are! So come see the Follies ridiculous version of “Attack Ads” instead.

Follow the funny in Washington in Esther’s Follies “News of the Minute” with John Boehner versus Ted Cruz in the Republican Battle of the Right. Meanwhile President Obama proclaims how cool he really is, Michael Jackson style, in “Obama’s Bad.” Hillary Clinton isn’t far behind as she raps her way to the White House in “Hill & Bill.”

Magician Ray Anderson steals the spotlight with his comedy infused acts and mesmerizing large-scale illusions. Don’t miss his dynamic “Cannon Trick!”