The Show

Esther’s Follies, Austin’s authority for sketch comedy, musical parody and magic, follows the antics of politics locally and nationwide. This summer watch as Hillary is steering towards the White House with Bill riding shot gun in their razzing rap “Hill & Bill.”

Before you head back to class check out the Follies’ fresh “Get Schooled!” musical send up of the latest high school scene.

 “Wendy Get Your Gun" takes you on the campaign trail with rivals Wendy Davis and Rick Perry—all set against a backdrop of Texas Politics. Wait! Is that Ann Richards as the Fairy Guvmother?

In true dazzling disco style the allure and addictive nature of our Facebook culture is exploited in “I will Socialize,” an ode to social media’s main squeeze.

The Supreme Court ladies are up in arms in the “4 to 5” Rebuttal to the recent Hobby Lobby ruling. Whoever said Ginsberg can’t bring down the house?

 Magician Ray Anderson continues to bring the sparkle of the Vegas Strip to Sixth Street with his large scale illusions: “Eclipse” and “Modern Art.”