The Show


Esther‘s Follies, Austin’s zaniest and longest-running sketch comedy and musical revue, is your go-to for all the funny in the news. This month’s “Resolution Revolution” races off into 2015 blazing the headlines with satirical, politically-charged comedy.

 “Obamian Rhapsody” by Austin’s “queen” of comedy troupe, ignites fury from Boehner, Pelosi and Barack. Two more years of vetooooossss. “Hillary’s Rap” proves Clinton might possibly, certainly, maybe, potentially consider running for Prez and raps about her road to the White House with Bill ridin’ that donkey beside her. Plus see the Pope, Kim Kardashian, Rick Perry and Honey Boo Boo fight for the spotlight.

The man behind the myth, the great, master magician Ray Anderson dazzles more than ever in his new pumped up comedy-infused large-scale illusions. His performance brings the panache the Follies needs and truly is the magic ingredient of our show.